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Jotform’s 10,000 ready-made form templates, 100+ integrations, and more than 400+ widgets have made it one of the most popular form builders for companies all over the world. Today, Jotform is enjoyed by over 20 million users and growing every day.

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    Jotform, which automates the process of making web forms, first sprang into action when the aftershocks subsided. “We have three offices in Turkey: Ankara, Izmir, and Istanbul,” says Burak Cifikli, chief operating officer of Jotform. The closest office that Jotform had to the epicenter of the quake was in Ankara, some 430 miles away, but the scale of the disruption was such that even they were affected.

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    At my company, everyone works in small, cross-functional teams, which can also deepen relationships. For example, a product team might include a designer, developer, UX pro, and a content strategist. These combinations strengthen connections among individuals and different business units.

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    Jotform’s Chad Reid on the uptick of quality candidates during a time of high tech layoffs.

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    Jotform is an excellent form builder that can help you easily create an online donation form and embed it within your website. Jotform also integrates with popular payment processors like PayPal and Stripe, making it easy for donors to give.

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    At Jotform, we have employees who started on a product team, for example, before shifting into data analysis or customer growth. Top-notch employees love to learn, and many get bored without a steady stream of creative challenges.

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    Take manual data entry, for instance. Many companies rely on team members to enter purchase-order information. This practice can be cumbersome and time-consuming, and it can lead to mistakes due to human error, like inaccurate or incomplete data.

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    At my company, we hold vision meetings in which we discuss reaching goals and engage in team-building exercises — while keeping the agenda on track so that time isn't wasted. As a result, planning for us hasn't become a dreary and pointless endeavor.

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    Looking to do more with less in the coming months? Let these key transformation concepts guide your strategy.

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    When I joined Jotform as head of information security, I quickly discovered that my security team needed a presence on each product team. Our engineers are often the closest to any security issues that may arise.

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    Talking in front of people, whether you're pitching to a group of investors or giving a speech, is part of every entrepreneur's life. Becoming comfortable with the process will make both you and your business come off as polished, professional and competent. It's abundantly worth your while to get good at it.

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    Steve shares an insider's view of a hyper-growth environment and learnings from managing hyper-growth teams.

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    Employee data is critical for making better business decisions, improving productivity, and reducing turnover. Yet obtaining and storing data can get messy if it’s collected using a traditional method like a paper survey. One way to make the data collection process less challenging is to adopt contactless methods.

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    Johannes Wiklund, Head of Information Security for Jotform, a provider of a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application for building forms, explains what challenges fellow cybersecurity professionals should expect to encounter in 2023.

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    Jotform used data from HHS and IBM to track the financial impact of cyberattacks on the healthcare industry.

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    Luckily, employee surveys are an excellent tool for gathering the data you need to make informed decisions.

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    One of the skills I value most in myself — and why I believe I've been successful at growing Jotform over the last 16 years — is my ability to engage with those around me. People love to talk about themselves. Listen attentively and ask questions, and in this way, you can start to build a rapport.

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    Being an entrepreneur is inherently risky. But the usual risks have magnified in recent years given the uncertainty of the economy in the wake of Covid, the new challenges of managing remote or hybrid teams, and even unrest and conflict abroad. Here's how to keep moving forward, even in these trying times.

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    With QR codes, you can eliminate friction points and show off your creativity. When it comes to trade shows and other business events, QR codes can give attendees a streamlined, engaging experience.

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    Jotform has added more than 30 workflow integrations for its automated e-sign document delivery.

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    Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is ensuring that any survey regarding healthcare is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. It’s imperative to follow all HIPAA regulations and expectations when collecting, storing, and using survey data. Another challenge is ensuring that the data collected is accurate. Survey participants may be reluctant to be forthright, especially if the survey isn’t anonymous.

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    Organizations of all sizes will be looking to cut budgets in 2023 as the world faces an economic downturn. In response to this, we will actually see increased investments in no code / low code technology as leaders look for ways to increase productivity while maintaining leaner budgets. Driven by the need for no code low code technology, in 2023, we’ll see significant market expansion and some interesting innovations born from this new market need.

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    This past summer, my company, Jotform, opened its sixth office worldwide in Istanbul, Turkey. We’ve grown from a small group of dedicated individuals back in 2006, to a thriving team of hundreds today. The glue holding us all together has been automation.

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    I've been CEO of my company, Jotform, for more than 16 years now, and I've seen the above scenario play out more times than I'd like to count. And what I've discovered is the same as what Harvard Business Review contributor Helen Lee Bouygues points out when she writes that the root cause of these organizational failures comes down to a lack of critical thinking.

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    As CEO of my company, Jotform, there were no easy answers to give, but I knew that it was up to me to remain a steady harbor for my team. We'd have to work together to develop new coping mechanisms. And it was also up to me to figure out a variety of decisions. This meant that I needed to leave my comfort zone and come up with an entirely new way of leading.

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    I'll be the first to recognize that I was particularly hard on myself when I first founded my company, Jotform. But what I didn't want to do was have this mindset infiltrate the culture I was trying to build. And this became a huge turning point in how I coped with the pressure to overwork.

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    As CEO of Jotform, a company with six offices in four countries, I can relate to the added stress of managing people across digital channels—not to mention various time zones.

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    At Jotform, it's been important for me to foster a culture that promotes a "middle path." This means holistically incorporating both our mental and physical well-being — a path where you don't have to choose between your work, home or social life.

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    Automation’s Silent Revolution Becomes Loud and Mainstream: Automation has been a “silent revolution,” with companies slowly increasing adoption over time. Amidst the global economic downturn, adoption of automation will be fast tracked as companies look to cut costs while boosting productivity and collaboration. In 2023, automation will burst on to the scene as a key solution for businesses to scale and expand without breaking the bank. – Aytekin Tank, CEO, Jotform

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    With Jotform Teams, you can create shared workspaces for your teams. No matter where your team members are based, they can collaborate on online forms, tables, apps, and more. Functioning as an all-in-one workspace, Jotform Teams allows you to keep all of your data in a single location, so team members have access to the latest information.

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    There are potentially endless ways to use Jotform for your nonprofit. You can create a donation form for your website, craft e-newsletter signup forms to build your campaign lists, create forms to embed on your website to collect volunteer contact information, and more. Plus, with Jotform Sign, you can create documents and gather e-signatures, such as for budget approvals or grant applications.

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    When I first founded my startup, Jotform, 16 years ago — I was over-eager and ambitious. I was also a self-proclaimed perfectionist and this didn't help with attempting to keep my impulses in check. But over time, as the pressure of growing my business became more intense, I made one of the best decisions for myself and my professional career: beginning a regular practice of mindfulness.

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    Jotform, an online forms SaaS solution, released Jotform Teams, a shared workspace for forms and data. The platform seeks to enable users to create forms, tables, E-signatures, reports, approvals and apps within a shared workspace, so the assets are accessible to users with different roles and permissions.

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    Jotform Teams provides a fully collaborative environment enhanced by the complex permissions sets it supports. Organisations can create workspaces, and individuals with the right permissions can move existing personal forms into a shared workspace for further iteration and approval.

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    Among the ten tools we reviewed, Jotform is our favorite online form builder. The application features a drag-and-drop form builder, has more than 1000 free templates, and lets you accept payments directly from the form. The form builder is also versatile and fits most use cases. Read on to find the best form builders for various scenarios.

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    Setting smart goals means being realistic and patient. Focusing on slow and steady growth instead of immediate outcomes can help us ensure that our efforts pay off in the long run.

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    However, my go-to recommended add-on is Jotform. It's super easy to setup and just as easy to integrate with most major CRM platforms. Plus, it comes with its own workflow and other automation tools that can provide updates, responses and alerts even before the data hits your CRM system.

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    Each of these online form builders offers something unique to help you create the best forms and collect more responses from your audience. Our favorite form builder is Jotform since it makes building forms easy with templates for every scenario.

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    Platforms like Jotform Sign allow forms to be filled out and submitted electronically, eliminating the need for hard copies. Additionally, all documents will automatically be saved online in a secure location, making them easily accessible for future reference.

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    The purpose of my company, Jotform, is ostensibly to build easy-to-use webforms. But at our core, what we're really doing is helping people be more productive. Whenever we implement changes, I try to make sure my teams can see the connection between the shift in direction and how it relates to our wider mission.

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    Jotform Sign can help your school streamline documentation. It gives you access to an online space to collect sensitive information securely. And it can automate workflows that are part of your regular document collection. Schools and districts can use Jotform Sign as a quick and simple way to collect e-signatures.

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    This was an enormous undertaking as the Cincinnati Zoo collected votes from every U.S. state and more than 60 countries. With Jotform, it was easy for them to create the form, distribute it, and collect responses to uncover the perfect name for the baby hippo.

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    At Jotform, I know that my job as a leader is guiding my ship to shore, whether it’s smooth sailing or whether the waters turn rough. And they’ve been rough for some time now since the COVID-19 crisis began.

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    Jotform is one of the most powerful form services on the market. With Jotform, you can create incredible forms that make it considerably easier to collect data from various types of users and groups.

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    Jotform has recently entered the e-signature space with Jotform Sign. Businesses can use Jotform Sign to collect e-signatures and create legally binding documents. Like the Jotform platform, Jotform Sign features a streamlined, professional, easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

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    There are many players in the document signing space but I like what Jotform’s offering for a few reasons. For starters, it’s more affordable, given the features it provides compared to its competitors. I like Jotform’s ease of use. I like how simple it is to setup custom forms with automation and integration to existing applications.

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    The answer is quite simple: If you need forms with more customizations, a larger template library, and plenty of app integrations—and you don’t mind paying for the service—Jotform is the right option for you.

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    Online forms platform Jotform launched its e-signature product with automation capabilities, Jotform Sign. Around 450 Jotform employees from 26 counties gathered at the company's HQ in Turkey for the launch.

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    It's not easy to rewire the way we regard ourselves. I've been CEO of Jotform for years, and for the majority of that time, I've approached my goals with an "all or nothing" mindset. But recently, I've been working on trying to be more accepting.

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    Aside from promoting pen-pals, Jotform operates with small, cross-functional teams where each group is like its own little business. Individuals are both independent and empowered to make their own decisions while also working on the same project.

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    Adding Jotform Sign to the Jotform platform makes complete sense. Most eSignature platforms do not have extensive form-building and workflow processes, making Jotform Sign such a powerful proposition.

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    The new Jotform Sign interface has a drag-and-drop process so users can create, share, finalize, and approve e-signature documents signed on any device, or users can upload their existing forms to be turned into digital forms.

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    At Jotform, we have many “superfans” who have been with us since the beginning. They love our products, refer us whenever they can, and give us feedback on how to improve with new products and features. Over the years, we’ve worked to keep improving our product and user experience, retaining seasoned customers and attracting new ones.

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    Many sites let you create documents for free, but Jotform offers free templates that you can edit and share. Choose from a vast collection of business proposals, contracts, order forms, and other documents for your freelance business.

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    Jotform is great for building custom forms that can be integrated with existing business applications such as CRM and cloud storage apps. All told, Jotform has more than 150 integrations.

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    With Jotform’s free no-code app builder, you can create a fully customized mobile application that includes forms and other tools tailored to your business needs.

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    Jotform's sponsorship forms run the gamut on industries and topics, so whether you're seeking one for an arts organization, a local sports team, and beyond, you're sure to find a suitable template.

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    But I'm not interested in following the status quo. I'm interested in building a creative, thriving culture where people are valued. Why else would I become an entrepreneur? Building a company and a product is one thing, but creating an environment of trust with people you value — that's something you earn as a leader.

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    When I first founded my company, I was laser-focused on accumulating as much knowledge as possible about the industry. So I read every business book I could get my hands on. While this did indeed help me gain new skills and information, I've since changed my beliefs about how to become a life-long learner.

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    If you’re a hospital, health clinic, or blood bank, I’ll assume you have more important things to attend to than the design of your form, which is why high-quality templates like these are invaluable. Jotform also offers HIPAA compliance to protect patient data.

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    At my company, I know that my job as a leader is guiding my ship to shore, whether it’s smooth sailing or whether the waters turn rough. And they’ve been rough for some time now since the COVID-19 crisis began. Every time I record a weekly message for my team, or have lunch with an employee, I make sure they don’t only know how appreciated they are, but that they are immensely valuable to my company’s success.

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    In all my years at Jotform I can’t recall an instance when I witnessed an organization receive that many form responses in such a short time. We’re thrilled that our powerful form software played a small part in Fritz receiving his awesome name.

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    Jotform is an easy-to-use form creator with lots of great features. My favorite feature? The automated approval flows. I was able to easily set up automated flows for the application form and quiz submissions.

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    Maximizing time away is critical, but hitting the reset button isn’t about seeking out novel adventures (as fulfilling and fun as these can be). In my experience, truly unwinding consists of taking a step back and doing absolutely nothing.

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    My passion for building my company, Jotform, was still in its initial stages at that point. I had yet to learn what work/life balance meant, or how working through evenings, weekends and vacations was a surefire path to collapsing from exhaustion.

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    It's one of the biggest hurdles I've seen in the business world: leaders struggling to break down their thoughts into easy, translatable ideas. I used to be guilty of this myself. When I started my company, Jotform, 16 years ago as a programmer, you can imagine all of the jargon I'd accumulated as a techie — needless to say, my first presentations were riddled with them.

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    Jotform is an online form builder with an intuitive visual editor, known for making form building faster than ever. The tool has all the normal form-building capabilities as well as unique fields to customize your own forms. It also integrates with almost every marketing platform. The free plan caps out at five forms, with up to 100 entries per month.

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    Now as an entrepreneur all these years later, I often reflect on how much that experience was able to help me understand a perspective I wasn’t accustomed to. That’s why as CEO to my form-building company, I believe it’s important to create opportunities for cross-department “pen pals” to engage with one another and foster more openness in the workplace.

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    Jotform is an important solution because it's adaptable enough to remain highly functional within rapidly changing work environments. As the way we work evolves, Jotform is able to change with the times, help people stay productive, and automate redundant workflows.

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    Within my company, I am involved in every step of the hiring process: beginning, middle and end. And what I seek is a capacity for thinking outside the box—people who can teach me a thing or two about my own business.

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    Jotform lets you create online forms and fillable PDFs with ease. Its drag-and-drop system makes form creation a breeze. This means even those with zero background in coding can create a fully-customized, fillable form in minutes.

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    As a bootstrapped founder, I grew my company slowly and carefully, and that allowed me to understand that having an effective recruitment process is crucial for attracting the best candidates.

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    With Jotform, you can gather important digital documents as well as collect files and electronic signatures from clients, coworkers and colleagues. There’s a Form Builder feature that offers a variety of unique form fields designed to get you the data you need. Other features include kiosk mode, geolocation fields and offline data collection.

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    At Jotform, we’ve seen innovation go through the roof because we encourage a warm, non-threatening environment where everyone’s voice is equally heard and taken into account.

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    Jotform, a survey maker, is a great tool for creating professional and easy-to-use surveys and forms to collect feedback. You can also visualize the data you collect from your customers with JotForm’s easy-to-use report and sheets tools, so you can thoroughly understand what your customers want.

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    This was one of the hardest things to accept when I first founded my startup, Jotform. I thought that if I could think up every scenario, I could magically find the right solutions. But there were so many variables I had no control over — whether a client would have issues with our product or a team member would suddenly quit during our busiest season.

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    I’ve written before about how I believe self-awareness is key for innovation, and one of the reasons is because it allows us to overcome mental challenges and not become self-absorbed. It keeps our focus on doing what as leaders should be our top priority: the well-being of our people, and in creating a workplace that doesn’t promote superficiality over actual meaning and purpose.

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    Any organization that plans and/or hosts events should have a guest speaker form readily available. Jotform has a template that you can easily adapt to your needs, but the basic questions are already included.

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    As CEO of my company Jotform for the past 16 years, I've certainly made some hiccups along the way. But I've also learned valuable skills from researching and practicing better ways of getting my ideas across.

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    When I hold meetings with my teams, I make sure it’s not some lengthy monologue dictating orders. I ask questions and, more specifically, I make it a point to engage with the quietest individuals in the room; they’re often the ones with the most surprising ideas.

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    With over 10,000 templates, Jotform takes the cake as the survey maker with the most form templates on our list. Jotform also stands out for letting you accept payments with the free plan (although you’re limited to 10).

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    At Jotform, we continued to develop new features and apps that we thought would better serve our existing and future users over the long term. For example, we released our Store Builder app because we realized that one out of every three apps created through Jotform already included payment forms.

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    If your restaurant offers online takeout orders, you may want to use an online form builder that can double as an ordering system and a QR code generator. Some online form builders allow you to turn your menu into a QR code, so it’s easy for customers to fill out the order form and for you to track their order.

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    In 2021, we launched our product Jotform Tables, which we'd spent three years working on and honing. That's a lot of time in the tech world — but it didn't matter to me. What did matter was creating something that solved our user's problems.

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    The number-one selling point of keeping online forms beyond the pandemic has to be the overall convenience for everyone involved in your camp. Parents have enough things to worry about each day, so if you send a simple link to access their child’s registration form, it will probably be very much appreciated.

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    Thanks to Jotform's new customer form template, you can personalize your own in just a few clicks of a button. And yes, it's free. You have the option to add your business' logo, update the title, create a thank you page after site visitors submit, and beyond.

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    Video helps create a more personalized form-filling experience, whether it’s included by a form creator or a form respondent. We’re thrilled to partner with Loom and release two widgets centered on video and customization for our users.

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    Loom Video Embed and Loom Video Recorder provide Jotform users with new, visual options to share and collect information, and both build upon Jotform’s extensive widget and integration offering.

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    Jotform, an online forms solutions provider, and Loom, a video messaging and collaboration tools provider, have joined forces to streamline asynchronous communication and provide visual information with two Loom widgets on the Jotform platform.

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    I've been CEO of my company, Jotform, for 16 years now. In my early days, I would cower from conflict, choosing avoidance instead. But here's the thing about growing a business: Confrontation isn't just a given, it's a constant. You can only avoid it for so long.

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    Tell us one new or old HR tech product or platform that’s made your life easier, and why. We recently switched to Jotform as our survey tool, and the ease in which you can build automated workflows gives me *life.*

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    Jotform is a sophisticated online tool that allows anybody to quickly build unique web forms. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop interface makes creating forms a breeze, and it doesn't need you to write a single word of code.

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    Contributor Aytekin Tank says he uses brain dumps as a means to tap into his creativity, as leader and founder of a company. “The truth is, our mind isn’t at its best or at its most creative when it’s being held under the weight of thousands of tasks and projects,” he writes.

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    Having launched my company Jotform over 16 years ago, I can attest that one of the hardest parts of achieving goals is choosing which to pursue and which to ignore.

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    Jotform Store Builder isn’t limited to small businesses—industries across the board can benefit from Store Builder’s ease of use and value. This includes restaurants setting up a QR code menu to collect orders and non-profit organisations gathering donations.

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    Jotform takes the security and privacy of our users very seriously. This starts with having solid internal processes. Part of my job here at Jotform is to ensure that security becomes part of everybody’s mission. We do that by providing in-depth security awareness training to all our employees and reminding them through various email campaigns how they can help keep Jotform safe.

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    At my company, we’re fortunate to have our San Francisco office located near the beautiful Embarcadero, which is a three-mile-long seawall where people can engage and listen thoughtfully. I’ve found that providing employees with personalized feedback during a walk helps relieve their stress and clears the mind.

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    Jotform Store Builder is an iteration of Jotform Apps, a no-code, drag-and-drop app builder. The new feature was developed in part because more than a third of Jotform Apps users were creating apps to collect payments

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    Jotform Store Builder is a no-code tool that empowers you to create your own online store. Since Jotform features a drag-and-drop interface, there’s no coding required, so you don’t need a technical background to get started.

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    Jotform Store Builder is simple to use. Small businesses can drag and drop elements to create a store in minutes, regardless of technical skill. In addition, there are endless customization options and over 25 payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Square.

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    Jotform announced the launch of its Store Builder with drag-and-drop elements to create an online store. The new offering is available for free with current Jotform payment plans.

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    Most small business owners don’t have the time or in-house technical expertise to create their own fully functional online store, and they’re reluctant to give e-commerce platforms a cut of their sales in exchange for a digital storefront. Now there’s a new option: Jotform Store Builder.

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    Market leaders in the no-code/low code development space, according to G2, include companies like ServiceNow, Airtable, Appy Pie, Quixy, AppSheet, Jotform Tables, SurveySparrow and Salesforce Platform.

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    My road to starting my company, Jotform, was a slow burn. As a bootstrapped founder, I never secured a massive round of VC funding or reached tremendous milestones in a short period of time. This, however, didn't make me any less disciplined than my counterparts who were always being featured on TechCrunch.

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    One of our latest products, Jotform Tables, which allows teams to collect, organize, and manage data in an all-in-one workspace — took us a whopping three years to develop.

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    When creating my company 16 years ago, I promised myself one thing: I’d be an ally, not a critic, to my team. Now more than ever, feedback and career development opportunities are a crucial aspect of retaining employees during the Great Resignation.

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    Entrepreneurship is a balancing act, and one of the questions that comes up again and again is which is more important: Creativity or hard work? Frustrating as it may be to hear, the answer is both.

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    But one of the lesser-known ways of boosting productivity is one that leaders may initially see as counterintuitive: creating a positive sense of community. Founders might think that too much connectivity will only distract, but I’ve personally witnessed the benefits of greater peer support.

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    Forms and landing pages can help your customers go from the start of the buyer’s journey to the end. However, these assets have to be well designed if you want a high conversion rate. Tools like JotForm allow you to create these assets in line with your brand’s design principles.

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    One of our favorite ways of welcoming a new hire at my company is by sending them a personalized onboarding kit. While a package full of goodies won’t necessarily ensure a successful working relationship, it creates a positive first impression that allows new team members to feel motivated in working with us.

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    Jotform selected Stripe Checkout as a preferred payment integration to offer its users. With Checkout, Jotform users could access 20+ local payment methods on web and mobile with a single integration, automatically ordered and filtered according to the customer’s device and location for a seamless user experience.

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    Jotform is a no-code form builder that allows organizations to customize their form’s entry fields as well as its design. There are pre-built templates available, or businesses can start from scratch. The forms can also collect online payments, use conditional logic, and automate workflows to improve operational efficiency.

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    Jotform is focused on letting you incorporate its forms into automation workflows by integrating with a variety of tools, including Zapier. Jotform offers a range of plans, including Starter, Bronze , Silver, Gold, and Enterprise.

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    Jotform is a web-based platform that allows users to create custom forms and surveys. It is a useful tool for creating wedding RSVPs, guest lists, and surveys. Jotform offers a wide range of features, including the ability to add custom logos, change the color scheme, and embed the form on a website or blog.

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    As you start to revise your registration form and the overall registration process, it’s the perfect time to focus on going paperless. Paperless solutions are not only convenient, they can help prevent data entry errors and save your staff time.

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    At Jotform, we recently unveiled our first new brand in over a decade. It’s been an exciting time watching our company grow without any outside funding to 10 million users. I relay this news not to brag, but to reassure you that all of this didn’t come about without its challenges.

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    JotForm is incredibly flexible (offering conditional logic, direct integrations with lots of things, pre-filling, etc.) as well as CSS control of look-and-feel. I even use it internally when I’m gathering structured data like information that eventually goes into Airtable or ClickUp.

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    At Jotform, we have hack weeks, which allow our product teams five uninterrupted days to plug away at a single problem or project. These weeks have not only resulted in some of our most important innovations, they’re also a great way to collaborate and think about things in a new way.

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    Our Jotform integration helps you refine your personalization to improve email engagement. How? Jotform helps you gather important information about your customers. The data is then automatically added to the Benchmark Email list to build more complete customer profiles.

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    I’ve been CEO to my form-builder company for more than 15 years, and during this time we’ve had many ups and downs (though probably nothing quite as disrupting as this ongoing pandemic crisis), and it’s taught my team a thing or two about finding ways to be happy amid upheaval.

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    Apps are critical to business strategy these days, and with the availability of no-code solutions, there’s no reason not to have one up and running for your business.

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    Jotform Apps is a new set of app tools from the company you may know for form-building tools. The free no-code app builder lets you add forms, links, widgets, and branding to one fully customized app that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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    As CEO of Jotform, being self-aware helps me make better decisions for our company, and more importantly, our 10 million users. It doesn’t always come naturally — instead, it takes an active effort and coordination with my team.

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    Jotform announced Jotform Enterprise Mobile, which will allow users to publish white-labeled iOS and Android apps to the respective app stores. It aims to provide easy access to a Jotform Enterprise account from a mobile device.

  • image - 124

    Committing to unplugging for a specific time every day is one of the essential lessons I’ve learned as a leader for finding better balance and warding off the harmful effects of burnout.

  • image - 125

    At Jotform, there’s a guiding principle I strive to live by: trust. I trust that my employees are competent and showing up — and it’s that faith in their abilities that helps reinforce their own self-belief.

  • image - 126

    At my company, we end the week with regular Demo Days each Friday. Groups present a prototype they’ve been working on. And whether outlandish or buggy—they are never critiqued with harshness. In fact, because of this, we find teams enjoy some friendly competition.

  • image - 127

    At my company, Jotform, doing our best to achieve a growth mindset has helped us to navigate the pandemic and lean into experimentation and adjustment during rapidly evolving circumstances.

  • image - 128

    At my form-building company, it’s important for me to encourage my staff to speak up about their ideas and opinions, both when everyone is meeting face to face and over video conference.

  • image - 129

    At Jotform, a B2B SaaS app, team leads are in charge of creating the 30-60-90 day plans, but new employees are encouraged to take an active role in building their plans, especially after the 30 day mark.

  • image - 130

    Want to know what people really thought about your webinar? Ask them to share their thoughts. Jotform Webinar Manager Morgan Ziontz does this with the help of Jotform’s 400+ feedback templates.

  • image - 131

    When I started Jotform in 2006, there was one single employee: Me. Being a bootstrapped founder, growth came slowly and deliberately; up until 2014, I didn’t make more than a few new hires each year. But in 2015, we moved our operations into a new, bigger office.

  • image - 132

    As CEO of Jotform for 16 years and counting, I can vouch that the early days were stressful, but those early stage worries were merely replaced by others as the team grew and the company expanded.

  • image - 133

    When I started Jotform, I thought it would be good to make the product completely free so there was a low barrier of entry for people to use it, and so it would create brand loyalty.

  • image - 134

    Jotform’s app builder lets you create a fully customized mobile application for your company that can be downloaded onto any smartphone, tablet or computer.

  • image - 135

    At my company, we haven’t established shorter days. But we do have a policy of flexible hours. This means we measure productivity over hours clocked.

  • image - 136

    Since launching my company back in 2006, we’ve added hundreds of staff, opened three offices on two continents and built a product with 10 million users. I mention all of this because I’ve learned a thing or two when it comes to evaluating people.

  • image - 137

    Jotform is utilized by many of my clients because, they make it very easy to create mobile forms that use conditional logic and accept payments and generate reports and automate workflows.

  • image - 138

    The new Jotform look features clean updates to our logo, tagline and interface; changes that reflect the ease, usability and personality of what the company is now while staying true to its roots.

  • image - 139

    Jotform wouldn’t be the company it is today if we hadn’t placed value in failure from the very beginning and even to this day. To give an example: We worked arduously on an idea for three years — testing and failing and re-testing — which eventually turned into our tool Jotform Tables.

  • image - 140

    To combat remote work environments, Asana Flow helps manage start to finish workflows with employees working from their homes. Asana Flow’s template library includes access to apps such as AppLovin, ClassPass and Stride. They are in the process of collaborating with other workflow apps such as Miro, Jotform, and Google Drive.

  • image - 141

    As CEO of my company Jotform for nearly 16 years and counting, one of the most common questions I get from early-stage founders is: When do I make my first hire? The answer: when you’re on the verge of scaling your company — even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like the right time to hire.

  • image - 142

    Jotform tested new logos with the UserTesting Contributor Network, evaluating four logos over more than 50 sessions with contributors in their most popular regions: the US, the UK, and Australia. Based on the feedback they received, Jotform created a modern and fresh take on their original pencil logo.

  • image - 143

    With the introduction of App Components, Asana will directly integrate Miro and Jotform into the Asana UI, and coming soon, Google Drive. Then, in the coming months, Asana will expand App Components to customers and partners.

  • image - 144

    Jotform Enterprise is a digital workplace productivity tool that’s part of our suite of offerings. While we make an effort to ensure that Enterprise is clearly accessible on the Jotform site, our customers have typically come to us — they’re on Jotform’s page already, they see one of the Enterprise banners and click through. If they’re interested, they contact our sales team to learn more.

  • image - 145

    Jotform serves as a replacement for the endless amounts of paperwork without effective management. Its Form Builder is easy-to-use and customizable to fit any industry needs.

  • image - 146

    Jotform is utilized by many of my clients for an easy way to create mobile forms that use conditional logic, accept payments, generate reports, and automate workflows.

  • image - 147

    At Jotform, we have a variety of eCommerce users and offer over 30 payment processors for them to simply collect payments through our online forms product. But in the future, having multiple payment processors as well as other payment options like crypto or voice-activated transactions will also be essential.

  • image - 148

    Given how many people use our forms, it would make sense that much of our operations would be dedicated to improving them. But until recently, we haven’t actually paid as much attention to our forms. Instead, we were concentrating on evolving our form builder and creating useful tools like our PDF editor and workflow builder.

  • image - 149

    I’ve long been an advocate for work/life balance. For example, I don’t believe in answering emails on weekends or late into the night. For me, taking time off to do absolutely nothing is just as vital as the hours we clock in.

  • image - 150

    Jotform Tables functions much like many of the other entries on this list. You can use it to create and edit spreadsheets with a wide variety of information. You can choose to organize information into different views, with different filters, with graphs and formulae, all while collaborating with others. Where Jotform is different is how it lets you integrate with the rest of the Jotform ecosystem.

  • image - 151

    I was initially accepting people’s submissions through Instagram and would have them send me screenshots of their relevant conversations. But it got to a point where I was getting so many that it just wasn’t manageable so I finally set up something through Jotform that allows me to more easily go through them and pick the one I want to make into a video.

  • image - 152

    Something I’ve learned while growing my company over the last 15 years is that feedback isn’t effective when it inflates — or bruises — someone’s ego. Just as my supervisor went through a list of all my shortcomings all those years ago, the culture I’m striving to create with my business is the exact opposite of this.

  • image - 153

    As CEO of my company Jotform, the past couple of years have been exceptionally challenging. But during these difficult times, I believe that positive thinking is more critical than ever. Luckily, it’s possible to control the narrative in our heads—not necessarily to stop it, but to reign it in when it becomes too pessimistic.

  • image - 154

    Our friends at Jotform offer employee forms as well. Some of the forms they offer include ones related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as performance reviews and exit interviews. JotForm also allows you the flexibility to edit their forms to create something that fits with your organization’s needs.

  • image - 155

    Founded in 2006 and still bootstrapped 16 years later, Jotform has grown into a profitable, well-known SaaS brand. In 2022, Jotform’s 14 million users achieved 1 billion total form submissions from 22 million forms. In addition, the company has maintained 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth for seven consecutive years now.

  • image - 156

    The word “passive” gets a bad rap. But I’m not referring to becoming a conformist who lacks initiative. What I am advocating for, however, is embracing quiet reflection and moments of doing absolutely nothing.

  • image - 157

    In my early days of building Jotform, I’d often joke that I needed a clone. But what I’ve learned since is that it’s not more “fuel” we need — it’s to stop seeking more energy in order to hit peak productivity.

  • image - 158

    The next time you plan to share data, consider putting it into a digestible and understandable explanatory visualization format. You’ll improve your chances of educating your audience while helping others see why the data matters and what it means — rather than just a bunch of numbers.

  • image - 159

    Even spending 10 minutes of your day assisting someone with a difficult project can give you the inspiration you need for your own workload. I’ve witnessed this firsthand at my own company, where teams go out of their way to be supportive to one another.

  • image - 160

    Since launching my company Jotform 15 years ago, I’ve had to learn how to manage the inherent stress and uncertainty of being an entrepreneur, especially in a market with daunting competitors like Google. The pandemic forced me to confront those hard-earned lessons all over again and to figure out how to continue growing despite the uncertainty.

  • image - 161

    Telecommuting can’t successfully exist without a clearly defined policy in place. This is true whether you’re allowing employees to work from home, work remotely, or embrace a hybrid work model that merges the two.

  • image - 162

    Jotform used drag-and-drop technology before it was a thing. That was our angle, and I applied it to pitch news sites, write blog posts and develop PR plans. Consider what people care about most, and emphasize how your startup supports their busy lives.

  • image - 163

    Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder allows you and your HR team to create intuitive forms within a couple of minutes (without technical know-how or endless cursing at your computer screen). And, with the Power-Up, you can build, share, and use your forms without leaving your Trello card.

  • image - 164

    Jotform includes a wide collection of free and paid PDF templates for proposals in all kinds of industries, for all kinds of projects. Templates are converted into PDFs for easy printing, and even include a digital signature feature that allows your clients to sign your agreement digitally.

  • image - 165

    Jotform, a full featured and free no-code survey tool, integrates with AWeber and offers a number of helpful, post-purchase survey templates, user experience surveys, and more.

  • image - 166

    Jotform Apps is a no-code drag and drop app builder that enables anyone to create an app with ease. It provides responsive design that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. While Jotform Apps can be used in all aspects of the business – regardless of your industry or company size – it can also be as a simple way for organizations to create employee portals.

  • image - 167

    Each month, I meet up with the founder of a successful task management app to discuss our approaches to running our businesses. Our management styles are pretty dissimilar: For one thing, his workforce is 100 percent remote, and he’s executed it in a very different way than I have with my team at Jotform.

  • image - 168

    Virtual learning removes the traditional restrictions of the classroom, even without a pandemic shuttering the doors. COVID-19 sent educators scrambling to find new methods for how to engage students when both teachers and students were working from home.

  • image - 169

    Any entrepreneur or small business owner will tell you that running a business is a lot of work, which is why most of them bristle at the idea that they start a nonprofit. But starting a nonprofit can do more than just provide a way to use your talents for the good of humanity. It can do wonders for your business, too.

  • image - 170

    A dedicated social media hire can solve this problem and help organizations grow platforms, keep tabs on social analytics, be part of industry-specific conversations, experiment with new platforms and trends, and more — all of which contributes to a stronger brand and more leads for your company. We've done it at Jotform, and it's worth it.

  • image - 171

    At my company, Jotform, we start new hires off with “Box A” projects, like fixing minor bugs, while they get the hang of things. That said, most of us should avoid sinking too much time on Box A.

  • image - 172

    Making progress is all about reaching strategic milestones. But when you’re doing something as overwhelming as running a business, it can be easy to get pulled in too many different directions, which keeps you from feeling like you’re getting anything done.

  • image - 173

    The most critical thing to remember about developing a customized e-commerce site is that every decision will be up to your team. That could be either an exciting challenge or a time-consuming roadblock. If it's the latter, consider using a different platform for online selling: social media.

  • image - 174

    Nonprofits of any size can easily and affordably implement these digital tools, and some online form platforms even offer nonprofits a special discount rate for higher-volume usage. Once you’ve integrated your online donation processes, you’ll also be able to generate reports that can give you more insight into your donor base.

  • image - 175

    For a web design business, you need the goals or budget for the site. Check out this Jotform template for additional ideas. With a CRM and sales and marketing software that’s integrated with landing pages and forms (like Keap), you can build an intake form directly in the same app.

  • image - 176

    I’ve been CEO of my company, Jotform, for over 15 years. We’ve grown from a small team to more than 300 employees, and never have I understood this need to lead with empathy more than the current moment we’re living.

  • image - 177

    The company offers forms for collecting feedback and other tasks, integrating conditional logical, report generation and workflow automation – as well as a host of integrations with third-party apps and payment processors. Its suite of SaaS products includes a solution for building forms, as well as Tables, Mobile Forms, PDF Editor and Approvals.

  • image - 178

    Data fluency is the key to thriving in a global economy, but too many companies today are far from data fluent. More than one-third of companies haven’t fully exploited the data in their arsenal, and fewer than half say they might put together a plan to use data analysis tools.

  • image - 179

    Leading online forms SaaS solution company Jotform released details this past week that it now has a no-code app builder that anybody can use. The new platform—called Jotform Apps—will allow users to create portals for internal teams, bundle forms, build apps for businesses, among many other things.

  • image - 180

    Determining how to track productivity can be difficult. There are a few critical flaws in the time-tracking approach. One of the biggest is a fundamental misunderstanding of productivity. Plenty of people equate productivity with efficiency, but they’re not the same thing. Productivity is output quantified, such as the number of widgets sold per week; efficiency involves streamlining systems and processes.

  • image - 181

    Hiring developers is not cheap. They are some of the highest-paid employees at your company, so you should save them for the big stuff. Plus, if you use a free no-code app builder, such as Jotform Apps, you won’t have to pay a dime for the apps your department needs.

  • image - 182

    Being a transparent leader means being open and honest with your team. It means keeping employees informed and welcoming their feedback. Your ability to listen during stressful moments and reflect on what’s been said will go a long way toward cultivating trust.

  • image - 183

    Our company, Jotform, has been ramping up our video efforts on YouTube. We have over 16,000 subscribers and have seen a huge increase in site traffic and signups from investing in video on this platform. Like many other B2B and B2C companies, we’re going full force with video and expect to ramp it up even further in 2022.

  • image - 184

    Jotform has been a key player in online forms for years. The system boasts several tools to improve your form building experience. Its highly customizable form designer places a priority on aesthetics, and the form analytics tool gives you a detailed breakdown of responses.

  • image - 185

    Jotform Apps is a key tool in the no-code revolution. It allows users to build an app for a business, bundle forms, create portals for internal teams and more. In addition, users can instantly download a Jotform app onto any device without visiting an app store.

  • image - 186

    At Jotform, we’re lucky to have a low staff turnover with an annual churn rate of only 5%. This is key because I believe a calm, warm, non-threatening environment is massively important for both productivity and longevity — for new and old hires alike.

  • image - 187

    As someone with very little coding expertise, I love when I come across tools that give you the opportunity to build something special with extra support. So if you’ve ever thought about making an app for your classroom, school, or district, Jotform Apps has you covered.

  • image - 188

    Jotform integrates with a number of different payment gateways from around the world, including PayFast which caters for South African businesses of all sizes wanting to receive payments online.

  • image - 189

    At my company, we give regular surveys to gain feedback on how people feel about their workloads and our culture’s work/life balance. Are we being flexible where it matters? Are we giving employees autonomy over their jobs—and acknowledging good work? These are questions that will help you determine what’s causing the most stress for your team and take steps to ward off burnout before it takes root.

  • image - 190

    The good news is that free and low-cost digital forms are available online. Hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, etc., can deploy digital forms quickly and easily — no coding skills required.

  • image - 191

    Ideal for businesses of all sizes, JotForm helps companies create survey forms without any knowledge of CSS, JavaScript or other programming languages – though if they do, there’s plenty of scope for diving into the code and tweaking designs.

  • image - 192

    Jotform is one of the most popular online form builders, used by everyone from beginners to advanced users. Though it comes with a simple interface and a drag-and-drop builder, there are some lesser-known features that can improve your forms.

  • image - 193

    At my company, Jotform, we recently rebranded for the first time in over a decade. It required a considerable effort from the entire team but in the end, it was well worth it. Whether you’re considering a light refresh or a total brand overhaul, here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • image - 194

    While I am fully on board for planning for what the future holds, I believe all of this energy is better spent on the present. By taking things one step at a time and focusing on what they can improve right now, leaders will be better equipped to navigate an ever-changing landscape.

  • image - 195

    But one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in building my business over the past 15 years has been straying far from “productivity culture.” For me, being busy is not synonymous with success

  • image - 196

    Jotform’s rebranding reflects the company’s evolution but also its dedication to its root cause: to provide users with quality, powerful forms. Jotform may have changed its logo and branding, but this is evidence of the company’s growth and success.

  • image - 197

    After 15 years and 10 million users, Jotform has decided to rebrand itself. They changed their logo, tagline, and product visuals. Doing this has improved the way users perceive their brand. Their new image exudes a more modern, friendly, and professional vibe.

  • image - 198

    For many of us in the startup world, it’s tempting to want to rush to do several things at once. But building a company doesn’t mean taking on a dozen different projects out of the gate — it means focusing on doing one thing well. That’s the philosophy I used to build my company, Jotform.

  • image - 199

    Branding that reflects the old lineup of products or services should be refreshed to more accurately represent current offerings. This was certainly the case for us at Jotform. We launched in 2006 as an online form builder. However, 15 years and 10 million users later, our product has evolved and expanded, and so have our customers’ perceptions.

  • image - 200

    Jotform's social media calendar isn't just visually appealing, it's also functional. The tabs at the top reveal your social plan for every channel you execute your strategy on, including in-person or virtual events.

  • image - 201

    Educators will have to focus on the advantages of the virtual classroom system, ways to improve virtual learning as a whole, and the quality of online education. By learning to engage virtual students in digital classrooms, educators will be able to build relationships with and teach students well–no matter what the world looks like as the rest of 2021 rolls on.

  • image - 202

    Jotform’s analysis found that the three most popular mobile form types are report forms (22%), consent and acknowledgement forms (20.8%), and registration forms (17.7%). Other commonly used forms include application forms, appointment and order forms, and survey forms.

  • image - 203

    Jotform rebranded with this vision: “Powerful forms get it done.” Jotform has always positioned itself as the “Easiest Online Form Builder,” but today it’s much more than that. Its updated tagline and brand are a reflection of its growth as a company.

  • image - 204

    Jotform, the leading online forms SaaS solution, has announced a huge milestone — it embarked on its 15th year in business, crossed 10 million users worldwide and refreshed its brand, the biggest change to the company’s image since 2006.

  • image - 205

    My company, JotForm, has more than 300 employees and over 10 million users. Growing it to the size it is today would not have happened had I never learned to work with my own rhythms — and allowed my employees to do the same.

  • image - 206

    Jotform is an excellent alternative to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms because it offers capabilities that Google Forms and Microsoft Forms don't offer. For example, without the need for a third-party addon you can set limits on the number of times a response choice can be chosen

  • image - 207

    When customers click on a form that prefills with their data, the company sends a signal that they value their customers and their customers’ time. Filling out the form is a less time-consuming task, so customers are more likely to follow through.

  • image - 208

    As CEO of my company, JotForm, this past year has certainly been challenging. With over 300 employees and 9.1 million users, I’ve had to reevaluate the normal way of doing things and figure out how to prioritize competing business and family obligations. But as I’ve found, not sacrificing my personal life is the key to doing great work at the office.

  • image - 209

    For over a decade, JotForm has allowed millions of people to make their own myriad kinds of web forms using our no-code products. In doing so, we’ve witnessed firsthand how giving our users countless customizable options has encouraged their creativity and innovation.

  • image - 210

    With JotForm Approvals, it’s easy to create approval workflows for your content marketing processes. Whether you’re writing blog posts, publishing case studies, recording videos, or simply posting to social media, there’s a good chance that at least a few of these marketing assets will need to be reviewed by several people.

  • image - 211

    Knowing when you work best — your “peak hours” — is one of the most effective ways to supercharge your productivity. I discovered my natural rhythms through lots of trial and error. But learning when I work best and leveraging that time is what has allowed me to grow my business, JotForm, into the company it is today.

  • image - 212

    My business, JotForm, has grown slowly by design. This has allowed me incredible freedom — my business is mine to run as I choose, no investor satisfaction required. It’s also allowed me to have a rich personal life outside of work, with time to spend with my family and even take a few months off each year.

  • image - 213

    You can fully automate data collection and task creation by using JotForm and Asana integration. Asana tracks and manages JotForm responses automatically by creating automated tasks.

  • image - 214

    When leaders exclude certain workers, they create an atmosphere that is inhospitable to anyone who doesn’t follow “the rules” of your workplace. All the more reason to make sure you’re spending a balanced amount of time with all your employees.

  • image - 215

    We ask questions all the time. When is the presentation? Did you get my notes from the meeting? These are straightforward, fact-finding questions, and they get straight-forward, fact-based answers. (It’s at 3. Yes.) It shouldn’t be surprising that my company, JotForm, sees more than two million user questions per hour.

  • image - 216

    At my internet company, we’ve created policies that prioritize mental well-being and we also communicate these regularly. What this looks like for us is doing what we can to remove stress by setting realistic expectations about workloads, and also recognizing what can slide if necessary.

  • image - 217

    In the healthcare sector collecting data via a mobile device has become increasingly important during the pandemic, with the need for touchless forms and data collection through QR codes. Offline data collection has become just as critical for COVID-19 testing and vaccination sites as well as in-person doctor visits both in urban and rural areas.

  • image - 218

    Entrepreneurs often think of themselves as lone wolves, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter how much experience and passion you have, there is always something to be learned from someone else.

  • image - 219

    JotForm is an online form builder that allows you to create custom online forms. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build forms. It also has more than 10,000 templates from registration forms, surveys, polls, application forms, and so much more.

  • image - 220

    As CEO of my company JotForm, I make recharging a pinnacle of my workday, and I encourage our employees to follow suit. But one size doesn’t fit all. What works for me or what works for Angelou might not fit your style. Here and four things to keep in mind when figuring out your rest routine.

  • image - 221

    JotForm is a form building tool famed for flexibility. It allows you to work on your projects from anywhere, even offline, making it one of the go-to apps for marketers and creatives who are on the move.

  • image - 222

    Learning to deal with hybrid schedules is a challenge that will take some getting used to. Automate where you can, be transparent, and give your team—and yourself—every opportunity to adapt and succeed.

  • image - 223

    Beyond that, boredom can also help foster creativity. On more than one occasion, I’ve come up with ideas for my company, JotForm, while resisting the urge to look at my phone and letting my mind wander instead.

  • image - 224

    Companies that use their workflow management software innovatively are in a position to identify further opportunities for workflow automation. Because workflow automation handles certain tasks without human intervention, it frees up workers and reduces the chance of error.

  • image - 225

    According to JotForm’s data, collected from May 2020 to May 2021, more than six million people throughout the United States submitted a screening form. One notable point highlights that New York had the most COVID-19 screening submissions while South Dakota had the least.

  • image - 226

    Understanding employee preferences and safely managing reopening will be critical. In both cases, secure digital forms can play a key role, and now is the perfect time to think about how digital forms can help lighten the load for a seamless reopening.

  • image - 227

    JotForm, a leading provider, ranked no. 1 in the Online Form Builder category of review site G2’s Summer Report, maintaining the status for three quarters in a row. The ranking comes from hundreds of satisfied G2 users who took the time to review JotForm and leave honest feedback about the product.

  • image - 228

    Ask anyone on my team and they’ll tell you: family is my number one priority. The only way that’s feasible, while leading a company of over 300+ employees, is by allowing myself flexibility.

  • image - 229

    I’d say the biggest mistake is not customizing the pitch. It seems simple enough, but so many communications professionals take the shortcut of just copying and pasting the same pitch to every media outlet to save time, and reporters can sense that. All it takes is five minutes to learn about a reporter’s writing and background, so reference that and modify your pitch to match their interests precisely.

  • image - 230

    Creating a weekly check-in form that allows your staff to sum up how the week went, anything they're unsure about, or what they think could be improved is a great help to camp directors. There are some great camp management forms that can be used throughout the training process and beyond.

  • image - 231

    JotForm PDF Editor is an easy solution to create professional-looking documents such as contracts or invoices and turn their collected form data into PDFs automatically.

  • image - 232

    With so many benefits to ACH payments, you might wonder why more businesses don’t use them. The answer is that plenty of businesspeople have misconceptions about the ACH process — misconceptions that can cost companies in a real way.

  • image - 233

    My tech company equips people and organizations to be more productive. It’s simple, but offering concrete examples always gets our employees fired up. You may want to create a fun presentation that reorients and inspires people as they come back together.

  • image - 234

    Want to take online forms to the next level? You could try JotForm to avail the constantly growing collection of form integrations. Currently, this app offers integration with more than 100 tools that include web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and browser apps.

  • image - 235

    With more than nine million users, JotForm has clearly scratched an itch that plenty of people had. I might not have started with a particular devotion to online forms, but I do feel strongly about creating a quality product that makes people’s lives easier.

  • image - 236

    JotForm is a full-featured online form builder that makes it easier for entrepreneurs, small businesses, marketing agencies, ecommerce brands, and other enterprises to create robust online forms and collect important data.

  • image - 237

    Instead of signing up students in person and handling payments for events and merchandise manually, administrators are using digital forms. Schools can brand the forms for a professional look and feel, and once administrators create a custom template, they can reuse it for other purposes.

  • image - 238

    With an approval workflow, there shouldn’t be any questions about who is responsible for giving approval, when to expect a decision and what the next steps are in the process. It’s all about creating order in a sequence of actions that could easily become disorderly without a framework.

  • image - 239

    At my company, JotForm, I’ve witnessed countless instances of my team taking this principle to heart. They’ve been thoughtful of each other during meetings, have reached out to one another during a particularly challenging week, and noted colleague’s strengths during our Demo Days.

  • image - 240

    Using a survey platform allows you to automate aspects of the process and gather data efficiently. It also helps make the process more manageable. For example, most survey platforms allow you to export results into a PDF. You can then use a free PDF editor to emphasize specific findings and share the results with key stakeholders.

  • image - 241

    Online donation forms are a simple and effective way to raise money for your nonprofit. They provide an opportunity for potential donors to give with little to no friction, and most online forms can seamlessly process one-time or recurring payments.

  • image - 242

    Paper trails and manual data entry have largely been replaced by tablets and digital forms programmed with conditional logic for higher completion rates. Patients can now safely check in for appointments and submit their co-payments digitally.

  • image - 243

    With JotForm’s free Student Survey Program, students worldwide can simply and effectively conduct research without any financial investment. Use cases include doing market research, collecting demographic information, getting group project feedback, checking in on student stress levels and more.

  • image - 244

    The rest of the time, though, I felt like I’d been thrown in the deep end without a flotation device. I was doing marketing, operations, finances and even some ad hoc design work, none of which I’d ever done before but was now my responsibility. Even though JotForm has grown into a bona fide tech company, at the beginning, it was just me on a laptop trying to figure stuff out.

  • image - 245

    It’s crucial for managers and mid-level leaders to create an environment of openness and honesty. For example, at my technology company, we make it a point to let employees know from the start what’s expected of them, in terms of both formal and informal communication. Setting these ground rules in advance helps equalize the playing field — whether we’re sharing physical space or not.

  • image - 246

    These are low-risk tasks with an equally low payoff, but that doesn’t mean they’re useless. For example, when a developer joins our company and starts JotForm bootcamp, we ask them to tackle minor software bugs. New hires need to get up to speed before making critical product changes, so these low-pressure, low-stress tasks can be a great way to learn.

  • image - 247

    JotForm gets the top spot for the minimalist bride and groom who want a solid all-in-one solution. First, it’s a great way to capture RSVPs, dinner choices, addresses, and even song requests. Just choose from one of the 120+ wedding-related templates, either for collecting info yourself or to share with your vendors or wedding planner.

  • image - 248

    When I first launched JotForm, I was responsible for every aspect of my company, from engineering to marketing. It was a humbling learning experience, and it helped inform what I was looking for when it came time to hire a team and delegate the tasks that frankly, I didn’t excel at.

  • image - 249

    When it comes to mid-level hires, what I’d like to highlight is the importance of hiring along with your values. Since growing my company from a solo venture into a firm with millions of users worldwide, I’ve learned a lot about the hiring process. Regardless of experience, what takes priority is to always choose positive, collaborative people.

  • image - 250

    JotForm is a user-friendly and convenient tool that turns form responses, invoices, and contracts to professional and secure PDF documents. By using it, users can share their documents without being concerned about manually turning them to PDF.

  • image - 251

    It took five years for me to quit my job and pursue JotForm full-time, but in the meantime, I strengthened both my skills, and my belief that I could found a successful business. Believing in yourself and assuming success will follow is not the right approach. Instead, believe in yourself because you’ve proven over time what you’re capable of.

  • image - 252

    JotForm, at its core, is an online form builder, but we’ve come to see it as something more. The entire tool is no-code, meaning you don’t know anything about coding to utilize the tool fully. It allows users to create, share, and manage forms and anything that comes with the process. We found it extremely easy to use. It basically took around 5 minutes to get an online form up and running.

  • image - 253

    Research shows that everyone has different peak hours; defined as the period of time each day when you’re at your sharpest mentally. Finding your own peak time can take some trial and error. Learning about mine has helped me tackle the most important strategic work during my best hours, which has been instrumental in helping me run my business.

  • image - 254

    Dubbed the low-code or no-code movement, the effort includes startups like Zapier, which helps companies connect applications into a single automated process, to Jotform, which helps companies create surveys to collect data from customers. The products rely on simple software building blocks that can be dragged and dropped into place by untrained workers to build complicated applications.

  • image - 255

    The Bear River Health Department, which serves Box Elder, Cache and Rich counties, test-drove the system in-house and decided against transitioning from the JotForm program it already had in place. "In the end, we wanted to keep it very simple for the public and create less barriers to get their vaccines,” Director Jordan Mathis said, noting that JotForm was “super easy for the public on the front end.”

  • image - 256

    Countless survey tools make it easy to build and administer a survey. Look for tools that allow you to customize the look of the survey with your brand’s colors and logos. You should also be able to customize the different fields within the survey: multiple-choice, drop-down, short answer, star-rating, etc. Back-end features that help you analyze and report on survey data are helpful, too.

  • image - 257

    Use JotForm Approvals to manage the entire approval process, from accepting requests to managing and approving them. You can set up automated notifications for parents registering their children as well as reminders for those who need to approve the registrations.

  • image - 258

    Over the course of running my company, my team prioritized sane, steady growth and avoided set teeth-gnashing deadlines. I’ve always tried to unplug during evenings and weekends, and our leadership encourages our 300 employees to do the same.

  • image - 259

    I give my employees at JotForm plenty of space to grow their most important ideas. We don’t have deadlines because I want ideas to flourish freely, and worrying about a looming deadline doesn’t do much to inspire creativity.

  • image - 260

    Once someone completes the approval form, the submission triggers the approval workflow you created. JotForm Approvals makes it easy to track and manage the process, and the automated tasks prevent staff from spending time sorting requests, following up on missing information, and so on.

  • image - 261

    A no-code tool can set up a review process that collects feedback from multiple managers and coworkers to get a full picture of an employee’s performance. You can create a process that requires multiple people to weigh in and compare self- and manager evaluations side by side.

  • image - 262

    By having a QR code at your booth, you can give visitors an easy way to sign up for your offer — which is highly valuable and provides a great user experience — while also capturing their email address and contact information, depending on the fields you use in your form.

  • image - 263

    When we were working on our latest product, JotForm Tables, it was important for me to convey from the start that I wanted our focus to remain on quality versus speed. We ended up spending three years developing this tool with that vision in mind. Why? Because, rather than adopting a “just ship it” mentality, my end goal since the beginning was to create an enduring company that delivers real value to our customers.

  • image - 264

    One way to better understand guests’ concerns and cleaning preferences — while sending a subtle message that you’ve got this covered — is to survey customers online. You don’t have to create a survey from scratch; there are free and low-cost form options that make putting an online survey together quick and painless, even without technical expertise.

  • image - 265

    Ever since I founded JotForm, I’ve tried to prioritize a team focus. One reason is practical: I can’t do it all alone. The other reason is more strategic – I’m a firm believer that at the end of the day, a business isn’t its product or its leader. It’s a culmination of its people.

  • image - 266

    Approvals allows users to drag-and-drop elements in order for teams to more efficiently add emails, approvers, and perform other tasks. Additional features of the new Approvals tool include personalized emails that match approval flows, customized approval settings, over 100 templates for several industries, and more.

  • image - 267

    JotForm has over 10,000 form templates which give you a large selection to choose from. The categories with the most options are registration forms, request forms and application forms. All of these types of forms can be multi-page forms and are mobile-friendly.

  • image - 268

    JotForm, a leading online form software provider, announced Approvals, a no-code tool designed to empower teams to automate approval processes and streamline workflows with ease.

  • image - 269

    The first step in maintaining company culture is creating a solid foundation. For example, at my company, JotForm, it’s been one of my missions to dismantle the “always-on” mindset so inherent in the tech world.

  • image - 270

    Approvals comes at a time when most of the world’s workforce needs simple, affordable tools that save time and allow them to work from anywhere. With the Approvals drag-and-drop interface, teams can easily add approvers, emails, conditional branches and other elements to an approval process.

  • image - 271

    JotForm Approvals has a drag-and-drop interface so educators can customize any type of form that requires their approval. You can add customizations to the form approval process. This can include: the conditions needed for approvers, what follow-up emails are sent out, and other elements of the approval process.

  • image - 272

    JotForm Approvals is a quick, customizable way to automate the rote responses in a form. It enables you to specify what actions follow once a form is received like alerting involved parties, forwarding the form when required, and notifying respondees of results.

  • image - 273

    JotForm has all the HR/employment forms you would expect: employment applications, employee referral forms, performance reviews, exit interviews, etc. They even have Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and COVID related forms like medical information forms, HIPAA authorizations and privacy notices, COVID self-screening questionnaires, etc.

  • image - 274

    Hand-writing has several useful benefits. For one, research suggests that the act of putting pen to paper helps you retain information, which can help us more effectively organize our thoughts and goals. I started JotForm to make easy-to-use online forms, but even I appreciate the simplicity of writing some things out by hand.

  • image - 275

    Or, take spreadsheets — almost every entrepreneur uses them daily. You had to use another software to share the kind of data that doesn’t fit into neat columns. That’s why my team spent three years developing JotForm Tables — to collect all different types of info collected from online forms and organize them in one workspace.

  • image - 276

    Instead of using paper forms to gather employee feedback, distribute electronic forms via e-mail or apps for quicker responses. This approach helps streamline the process and keeps all information in one place.

  • image - 277

    My company doesn’t set hard deadlines; we urge staff to protect their downtime, and we encourage regular vacations. But after a difficult year of grief and loss, I’m trying to redefine productivity—and I invite you to do the same. Here are three simple tactics I’m using to support this shift.

  • image - 278

    There are many software platforms that can help ensure you’ve submitted your responses, made appropriate follow-ups, and received links to the published pieces. JotForm’s PR Tracker is designed to record and monitor the important details of your PR leads, so you don’t overlook any tasks and can follow each lead.

  • image - 279

    If you’re looking for a multipurpose tool to use throughout the wedding planning process, JotForm is a good cloud-based option to try. JotForm Tables has a convenient wedding planner template that can help you keep track of expenses, vendor contact info, your guest list, and more.

  • image - 280

    When I started JotForm 15 years ago, I imagined an easier way to build web forms. And over time, we realized that our purpose is to make people and organizations more productive. That’s it. We’re not brokering peace or launching space missions, but I love what we do.

  • image - 281

    After 15 years in business, JotForm has well-defined edges and much of the puzzle has taken shape. However, we’re still building it out. That process never ends — and even if we did fill in all the pieces, we’d simply expand the puzzle.

  • image - 282

    Beginning the day with stream-of-consciousness writing has been a game changer for my business. Every morning, I open a blank page, start writing, and I don’t stop until I’ve filled three pages or 30 minutes have elapsed; no editing or deleting allowed. After a few minutes, I’m usually exploring something worthwhile. Maybe it’s a product idea or a process we could streamline.

  • image - 283

    You won’t know if you don’t try. But I don’t mean trying once, failing, and giving up. Because you will fail. Everyone does. The key is to keep trying.

  • image - 284

    Burnout is 100 percent preventable, and establishing firm boundaries to protect your employees is one of the best ways to do it. At my company, JotForm, we delete Slack from our phones when we take time off for vacations and holidays. It’s a simple way to ensure work doesn’t creep into the time we’re supposed to be using to restore ourselves.

  • image - 285

    At JotForm, our managers schedule frequent one-on-ones with their teams to make sure they're feeling good about work, and if not, working together to find a solution. This helps our employees feel appreciated and valued.

  • image - 286

    JotForm is an online application that allows you to create custom online forms. Its incredibly intuitive user interface allows you to drag-and-drop the building blocks of the form you need. JotForm provides you with the tools to improve the experience of your donors and volunteers with signups, registrations, and surveys.

  • image - 287

    As patients complete their forms, the submissions automatically appear in the practice’s JotForm Tables database. There’s no data input to worry about, which reduces the chance for human error. Staff can share the tables with coworkers, so a nurse can access a patient’s intake information for a streamlined patient care process.

  • image - 288

    This notion of balance doesn’t just apply to your life as a whole, but your day-to-day. Take me for example. My days at the JotForm office aren’t usually very long, but I do try to make the time I’m there count.

  • image - 289

    In a virtual world, it’s important to focus on omnichannel experiences for consumers; if one channel no longer exists (e.g., live events), you can still reach your audience in meaningful and engaging ways. Event teams have worked more closely with other parts of the business—including digital, social media, and public relations teams—to craft virtual experiences that resonate with consumers while keeping business goals in mind.

  • image - 290

    Educators can distribute quizzes, course evaluations, and registration forms for activities or classes using online templates. Teachers and/or administrators can also use online surveys to get critical information about student needs and resources, which can help them design and manage the program to ensure it meets the needs of all students.

  • image - 291

    Using a survey maker like JotForm can accelerate the process and help you gather priceless, unadulterated feedback on items such as functionality and design, accessibility, content, and more. Product managers should ask specific questions about a user’s exact needs to generate new product features.

  • image - 292

    The most useful applicant tracking tools can double as an HR management system. For example, some cloud-based tools can automatically collect and organize your applicants’ data in a simple table view. Your team can manage everything in one place — from initial skill evaluations to onboarding paperwork.

  • image - 293

    Cloud-based forms allow educators to distribute online quizzes, collect signups for extracurricular activities or class registration, and distribute course evaluations. Educators can use online survey forms to gain valuable data from students and/or parents to better understand student needs.

  • image - 294

    I started my company, JotForm, in 2006. We’ve grown steadily from a simple web tool into a product that serves more than 8 million users — without taking a dime in outside funding. We’re profitable in an industry with big-name competitors like Google.

  • image - 295

    Supporting employee wellness is not always easy. Between lockdowns, reshuffled family responsibilities, and ever-changing health news, our pre-COVID-19 strategies aren’t necessarily effective right now. Our current work days may not be “normal,” but we can adapt and apply new techniques to help our teams through the good times and the bad.

  • image - 296

    As leaders, it’s important to create space for conversations that allow colleagues to talk about how they’re feeling. At my company, JotForm, I’ve been open with my employees about the ways in which I’ve struggled to cope with the pandemic. This culture of openness allows conversations that can facilitate connection, and let everyone know that they’re not alone.

  • image - 297

    Where people had previously come into a site, gone in, and sat down with the preparer and had their returns done in person, we were no longer able to do that. We saw our programs and our partners across the country using things like Zoom, Google Meet, JotForm, as well as texting and email to communicate with the filers that they hadn't yet served for the filing season and then make an effort to try to get them in to get their returns completed and filed.

  • image - 298

    Giving feedback takes practice, and a manager who shied away from it beforehand isn’t suddenly going to love it now. However, like many new habits, it can be practiced and improved over time. Feedback is so important, offering it intentionally and consistently is a skill necessary during a pandemic or otherwise.

  • image - 299

    Part of my previous job at an internet media company was to create tools for editors to build forms, surveys and polls. The problem was that at the time, the form-building landscape offered few good options. I decided to change that, and my company, JotForm, was born.

  • image - 300

    At JotForm, we work to collect customer feedback wherever we can, but one channel we really look to for candid feedback is Twitter. Typically on Twitter, people bluntly tell us what they like and don't like. It's important for us to get raw feedback like this to optimize and improve our products.

  • image - 301

    JotForm is an efficient SaaS app for collecting information within your business or communicating with your customers. You can start using JotForm during the hiring process by collecting applications and onboarding forms, plus use it to get helpful company feedback through surveys.

  • image - 302

    At my company, I regularly hold virtual coffee breaks with team members to give them a chance to let me know how they’re doing, and also to reinforce how much I value their efforts. This doesn’t mean that an employee has to have knocked it out of the park five days per week; expressing appreciation for a solid job well done is just as important as celebrating a major win.

  • image - 303

    When I started JotForm in 2006, I didn’t care about sales. As a developer, I was far more interested in product technology than cryptic acronyms like PQL and SAL. Eventually, I realized that without an enterprise sales team, we would continue to lose big customers. We hired some smart people, got the ball rolling, and now, this former blind spot is a lucrative revenue source.

  • image - 304

    To encourage as little physical contact as possible, get rid of paper forms and other manual processes. Fortunately, there are many digital tools you can use to facilitate a contactless environment. For example, you can set up an app or registration landing page to share your customized camp registration, waiver, and payment forms.

  • image - 305

    Instead of relying on paper forms to gather information, find software applications that help you build online forms. These forms are easier to share, require less effort to sort, and won’t end up cast aside in the wrong place — and misplaced as a result.

  • image - 306

    My own company weathered a series of highs and lows throughout 2020. Before the calendar flipped in January, I reflected on the big lessons I’ve learned from COVID-19; my next step is more granular. My goal was to ensure our teams are equipped to succeed and thrive, regardless of where or how they’re working.

  • image - 307

    At JotForm, we have a support forum where our customers leave product feedback and suggestions. Our product team pulls information from there and takes note of what customers are saying. Then they add it to a queue and work to make product updates as soon as they can. It's a simple and streamlined flow.

  • image - 308

    As hustle culture loses its shine, many entrepreneurs are realizing that they can’t simply rise-and-grind their way to success. Endless workdays extract a personal toll that can include exhaustion, burnout, unhealthy lifestyle habits, toxic competition, and more.

  • image - 309

    The JotForm Health app is designed to keep practitioners focused on patients rather than on collecting and updating data. This review of JotForm’s health app explores how the company’s forms capability and healthcare expertise power the new solution.

  • image - 310

    Digital tools like the JotForm Health app are vital in a global crisis. They provide a quick, secure, and affordable solution for transitioning from in-person to online operations. These tools will continue to be important in the future as more and more businesses operate online.

  • image - 311

    Hiring a Content Marketing Manager can be tricky since this role needs to be well rounded with a creative and strategic mindset, people skills, and writing chops. It's also important to make sure this individual understands your product and brand, so the content is relevant and targeted.

  • image - 312

    Being able to work with my natural rhythms has been critical to my ability to grow my company, JotForm, and it’s important to me that my employees have the same freedom to work during their own prime times. Our flex policy has led to substantial spikes in productivity, and also contributed to building an enjoyable company culture that helps us attract—and keep—high-caliber talent.

  • image - 313

    I often talk about how my company, JotForm, is bootstrapped, and how I grew it slowly over the years to the more than 8 million users we have today. Going it without VC funding and refusing the mainstream "startup hustle" advice hasn’t been an easy journey, and I don’t want anyone to get the idea that it didn’t come without lots of hard work, ups and downs, and lots of trial and error.

  • image - 314

    At JotForm, our New Grad program pairs inexperienced employees with seasoned designers, developers, or other professionals. Brand-new staff members serve as “co-pilots” for senior employees, or work on dedicated projects and receive regular feedback. We also bring in external mentors to stretch our skills in areas like data science and marketing.

  • image - 315

    The JotForm Health app is an extension of JotForm’s web-based online form builder. Once a form is submitted through the app, JotForm automatically encrypts the data, guaranteeing the privacy of health information.

  • image - 316

    Recently, during our standing Friday demo day (via Zoom), I shared with my team at JotForm how I see our business like a puzzle — in the center is our original product, the Form Builder. As we grow, we add to the puzzle, with new products and tools like Reports, Apps, and more recently, Tables.

  • image - 317

    With rapidly changing work and economic conditions, business owners know that the need for finding innovative solutions has never been more critical. If I’ve learned anything it’s that the answers are often more accessible than we realize. It’s just a matter of slowing down, finding the right tools, and trusting in the process.

  • image - 318

    Common use cases of the JotForm Health app include screening for COVID-19, registering for a COVID-19 vaccine, gathering medical history, collecting bill payments, scheduling in-person or virtual appointments and much more.

  • image - 319

    As the head of JotForm, I strive to embrace the paradoxes that come with running my company. One example is the idea of being more essential and less involved, which I work through by delegating. This can be hard: There are many day-to-day aspects of my business that I love.

  • image - 320

    Employees and employers alike have found a lot to like about working from home: It’s convenient, cost-effective, flexible, and productive. But there are also ongoing remote work challenges — especially when it comes to socialization.

  • image - 321

    Every Sunday night, I sit down in my office and plot out the course of my week. After determining what I need to accomplish in a week’s time, I plan the structure of each day according to my energy and creativity levels.

  • image - 322

    JotForm, a popular online form builder, is expanding its partnership opportunities with a new Solutions Partner Program. The Solutions Partner Program provides agencies and consultants with a complete data-collection solution, along with JotForm training and sales collateral, that they can share with their clients.

  • image - 323

    JotForm Tables is a hybrid spreadsheet-database tool that provides collaboration for all aspects of business, including marketing. You can upload existing marketing data or enter new data manually.

  • image - 324

    At my startup, JotForm, it’s sometimes difficult to find the exact right person to fill a certain role. Fortunately, we have a great team of employees willing to mentor new hires and less experienced staff members. By nurturing younger employees or helping them develop new skill sets, you’re creating the people who can help you build an amazing product.

  • image - 325

    JotForm is doing something slightly new and totally revolutionary. It has added smart tables to an existing product, giving it superpowers.

  • image - 326

    Ultimately, systems thinking leads to improved performance. Getting to the core of a problem before making a decision will not only make you a better thinker, it will make you a more productive leader, too.

  • image - 327

    Not too long ago, small businesses had limited options for raising capital. Today’s connected world allows companies to tap into a vast network of lending, crowdfunding, and invoice factoring to raise needed cash without the rigors and restrictions of traditional bank lending.

  • image - 328

    Growing my business, JotForm, from a young company to one that reaches over 8 million users, I’ve learned that there’s nothing more important than having a healthy, supportive culture.

  • image - 329

    You need a form to drive traffic to that collects valuable data seamlessly for your inbound marketing strategy. JotForm is the easiest way to build forms and includes more useful widgets than you can shake a banana at.

  • image - 330

    There has been an explosion in no-code/low-code software. Now, you can build a powerful database — often in a matter of a few minutes and without writing a single line of code. Here is all about JotForm Tables. JotForm is a new collaboration tool to challenge Airtable and Google tables.

  • image - 331

    But technology has changed how artists showcase their work. As galleries struggle to stay open due to exorbitant rent and poor staff retention — not to mention a global pandemic — artists have taken to selling their work online.

  • image - 332

    Two major things happened to me this year that gave me a perspective shift. The first being the release of our latest product: a spreadsheet tool we spent three years arduously working on, dubbed JotForm Tables.

  • image - 333

    Writing down your notes and to-do items with pen and paper is not 100-percent distraction-free, but it does give you the time to think about what you are writing and keeps you focused on the topic or task at hand.

  • image - 334

    The first tip to manage time is to first define your mission. Before you learn to manage your time effectively, you need to set goals. And before you can set goals that make sense, you need a big-picture understanding of your mission—to nail down the “why” that motivates your “what.”

  • image - 335

    Like many areas of life, success in entrepreneurship is all about balance. None of us can do it perfectly, and your focus will naturally ebb and flow as your business grows. Start by giving your full attention to what’s — or who’s — in front of you.

  • image - 336

    If you’re selling products online using an order form, consider embedding photos of the products in the form. JotForm research  has found that doing so can increase customer conversion rates by 80%.

  • image - 337

    Contract templates allow you to move closer to automating more of your to-do list tasks. That means you’ll be more efficient. All you’ll have to do is consult your templates to see which one makes sense for each new situation.

  • image - 338

    It should be easy to find your donation form, and once it’s built, you can direct potential donors to this page instead of a general home page. Your form should be optimized to make the donation process as simple as possible for visitors.

  • image - 339

    Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and building a custom form and website, we recommend using a survey maker such as JotForm (we’re biased of course!), to build your survey.

  • image - 340

    At JotForm, we love using Slack to share our projects with one another, but we also use it to engage on a personal level. We have a general channel where we message work-from-home pictures and entertaining tidbits that happen in our day-to-day lives. It helps us stay connected.

  • image - 341

    When I first tried to schedule uninterrupted time into my day at JotForm, my initial goal was two hours. I realized quickly just how hard it would be to break the habit of constantly looking at my phone.

  • image - 342

    Low-code empowers people with zero technical skills to collect, manage, organize, and track data in an incredibly simple way.

  • image - 343

    A great way to spice us your ‘About’ page is to include an interactive timeline showcasing what your company has achieved like in JotForm’s About page. These can be milestones, such as when the company was founded, large product launches, opening new offices abroad, or reaching an exciting number of users.

  • image - 344

    Work anniversaries, individual or team accomplishments, promotions, etc., should all be celebrated with the team virtually. This can help keep team members and managers connected, and it reinforces performance incentives.

  • image - 345

    Take our latest feature, JotForm Tables. This spreadsheet tool is the culmination of three years of work. Some companies might balk at dedicating so much time and resources to a seemingly minor feature. Maybe it’s crazy.

  • image - 346

    Since states keep changing rules for restaurants throughout the country, it's good practice to focus on promoting takeout and online orders. There are easy to use and affordable tech tools – like online form builder JotForm – that make it easy to collect orders and payments online. Restaurants can even generate QR code menus through JotForm to ensure a fully contactless experience for customers.

  • image - 347

    JotForm is another good tool for creating online forms that accept file uploads. JotForm also lets you create forms that people can fill and sign online.

  • image - 348

    However, companies will need new technology to work remotely over the long haul, like tools to manage, track, and organize data. Spreadsheets are fine for some purposes, but remote groups who are working together will need better solutions, such as apps that allow them to easily share and export data, view data in different formats, search and filter information, etc.

  • image - 349

    No-code “online form builder” JotForm told The Exchange that its revenue is up 50% from its 2019 results, that its enterprise customer base is up 620%, and that it expects to reach “100,000 total paid users by end of year."

  • image - 350

    As CEO of my own company, I’m a big advocate for leading with compassion. People are dealing with innumerable struggles right now, from lack of childcare, to health care concerns, to financial uncertainty; things are difficult across the board.

  • image - 351

    I started JotForm long before the pandemic hit, but we still opted to bootstrap simply because it fit our mission as an organization. It was a slower process, to be sure, and it was admittedly difficult to watch other entrepreneurs gain momentum overnight.

  • image - 352

    Several companies now offer no-code tools to help you build all types of things. Examples include Zapier, Airtable, JotForm, and Shopify. These user-friendly no-code tools walk you through building integrations, apps, forms, tables, e-commerce sites, and the like with features such as drag-and-drop and click functionality.

  • image - 353

    A designated workspace is a must. Make sure to have a desk, good lighting, and attractive background for video calls. Invest in (or make your employer invest in) tools like a large monitor, ergonomic office chair, etc. It’s also important to have a clutter-free and inviting space so that you can be your most productive self every day.

  • image - 354

    One way to start including employees more is to ask for their feedback through a formal process, like an online survey. Not only is this an efficient way to gather opinions across the company, but it also provides a necessary outlet for employees to share their thoughts.

  • image - 355

    JotForm is an easy and powerful online form builder, designed to help you seamlessly collect important information. Gather data through your website with a custom lead generation or contact form, then instantly sync that data to EngageBay CRM with JotForm’s free integration.

  • image - 356

    At my company, each of our millions of users has an opinion about our product. But we consider their feedback invaluable, as that is how we know what is working and what is not. Admittedly, this feedback is not always easy to hear, but by absorbing our customers’ needs and wants, we’re able to deliver a stronger product.

  • image - 357

    When we began hiring remotely, we used our own product to build a custom applicant tracking system (ATS). This allows us to store all of the applications in our workspace, where we review and track candidates throughout the process using advanced search filtering, custom columns and tags, and more.

  • image - 358

    While the pandemic might have been the catalyst for widespread e-signature adoption among the holdouts, the benefits of using e-signatures go far beyond reducing person-to-person contact.

  • image - 359

    When I first launched my company, I had a very small team. And back then, we all wore a lot of hats, simply because we had to. My colleagues and I worked tirelessly together to build, troubleshoot, and market our product, and nobody complained (at least most of the time).

  • image - 360

    I created my company, JotForm, not because I was specifically passionate about building online forms, but because I recognized a need in my industry, and had the skills and experience to help fill it. I find enormous satisfaction in applying my natural talents to help people save time.

  • image - 361

    Companies usually try to take a shortcut while collecting feedback to improve their overall customer experience forgetting that an overall look means nothing. So, when collecting feedback, you should aim at getting feedback about each unique point of your overall customer experience processes.

  • image - 362

    JotForm Tables is a data management tool that populates information submitted through your online forms into an easy-to-read table (you can also populate a table by importing external data, adding it manually, or using one of our hundreds of premade templates).

  • image - 363

    Camp administrators find that digital forms offer a streamlined method of gathering information. And JotForm Tables makes it easy for summer camps to manage, track, and organize form submissions. Additionally, digital screening questionnaires are more convenient for staff members and campers.

  • image - 364

    I’ve considered JotForm as one of the best Typeform alternatives as it keeps up with the emerging trends in form building like payment integrations, HIPAA compliance, and form widgets.

  • image - 365

    At my company, JotForm, we treat analytics as an opportunity to optimize human potential — using it to challenge our assumptions, develop new insights, and use what we learn to take action. What’s more? By positioning ourselves as students, we don’t only reinforce a positive culture, we are also better able to serve our customers.

  • image - 366

    JotForm Tables is part spreadsheet, part database tool. It allows anyone to manage, track, and organize their data, all in one place. In our education space, you might use JotForm Tables to collect and store information, keep track of assignments, log family communication, and so much more!

  • image - 367

    JotForm's free builder is more customizable than Google Forms and is one of the only free builders to accept payments. They have an extensive template library, with over 10,000 form templates, and it can be easily integrated with your marketing tools.

  • image - 368

    JotForm has introduced a new no-code productivity app for the management of data. The company launched JotForm Tables — a spreadsheet that packs all the functional elements of a database.

  • image - 369

    While Aytekin Tank toiled away at his day job, he spent his free time developing what would become one of the most popular online form builder tools in the world. His work as a senior web developer provided enough additional funds to turn his ideas into a reality. Over time, Aytekin Tank put away a small fraction of his paycheck until he was ready to launch JotForm.

  • image - 370

    JotForm Tables is a new Airtable alternative that you can use as an online spreadsheet and to collect and organize data. The database-spreadsheet it offers is really powerful and you can use it for various purposes.

  • image - 371

    The current world we live in demands the highest level of productivity that we can offer. However, we also have to take a break once in a while. We are humans, after all. Learning the art of properly taking a break will not only give you the rest you need but also increase your productivity in the long run.

  • image - 372

    A new no-code spreadsheet with the functionality of a database has just launched, giving users an alternative to the likes of Airtable and Google Tables. JotForm Tables allows users to collect, organize and manage data in a single place, using a customizable Form Builder.

  • image - 373

    As a business, you should collect preliminary information from customers through calls, online surveys, or automated post-interaction. You can use a survey tool like JotForm to create the best online surveys.

  • image - 374

    Offering up your vulnerabilities can feel like you’re presenting yourself as a weak leader. But over the last 14 years of building my company, JotForm, I've learned that it’s the opposite. Embracing this discomfort can actually drive opportunity.

  • image - 375

    Sick of trying to sync your spreadsheet files with the exact version of a co-workers software? So are we! Thankfully an answer has arrived in the form of JotForm Tables!

  • image - 376

    JotForm Tables addresses the ongoing need teachers and schools have for easy-to-understand, easy-to-customize data to help with decision-making. In place of the conventional intimidating table you get from standard spreadsheet programs, JotForm Tables offers an attractive layout, loads of customization options, inclusion of all kinds of data , and more.

  • image - 377

    Combined with JotForm’s sophisticated online forms, JotForm Tables lets HR teams collect and organize applications, manage PTO requests, evaluate interviewees as a team, create a checklist for new hires, and much more.

  • image - 378

    Spreadsheets are great for working with data, but they have significant limitations and don’t work for teams looking to collaborate. So, we built something better — a tool that looks like a spreadsheet, but is much more powerful since it’s supported by a sophisticated online forms product.

  • image - 379

    JotForm Tables looks like a spreadsheet but acts like a database. This tool works by organizing form submission data, imported data and manually entered data in one feature-rich interface. It’s powered by a sophisticated forms engine, streamlining and simplifying data collection.

  • image - 380

    JotForm is a good alternative to Google Forms and Microsoft Forms. In JotForm there is an option to add appointment registration questions. You can set appointment slots of 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Once an appointment has been claimed it can't be claimed by anyone else visiting your form.

  • image - 381

    We do this by clearly delineating the parameters between our “on” and “off” hours, and communicating that it’s okay to not respond to things immediately. At JotForm, this has become one of the core tenets of how I want to run my business. It’s important that I foster a culture where we have strict boundaries in place for screen time and prioritize mental well being.

  • image - 382

    Getting started with e-commerce is as simple as setting up an account with a platform, but it gets more complicated the further you go. Make the most of your investment by creating a strategy that fits the needs of your business while prioritizing a platform that includes must-have e-commerce features — not just the one that everyone else is using.

  • image - 383

    Hiring the same kinds of people over and over again won’t bolster your culture — it will only confine your culture to a box. The best hires are those who fit the current culture while also helping to expand that culture in new and positive ways.

  • image - 384

    Building with ActiveCampaign has added great value to our more than 8 million customers. Since launching our integration, we've noticed a significant increase in paid users who have integrated JotForm directly with ActiveCampaign.

  • image - 385

    JotForm is an online form builder that can be used to create and publish customer surveys quickly. A free plan is offered with basic features, and you can fully customize the survey designs to match your desired branding.

  • image - 386

    Our company takes content very seriously and produces 100K+ words of it each month in the form of pillar pages, guides, and blogs for our target industries. We also use social media to share PR hits we get in top tier publications, such as Fast Company and Entrepreneur.

  • image - 387

    It’s important for employees to still feel supported and have access to resources when they are not in the office. Using a digital form tool, such as JotForm, enables employees to quickly and easily submit requests.

  • image - 388

    At my company, JotForm, we’re setting employees up with whatever they need to thrive in their home workspace. All they have to do is fill out a form with their requests and contact information, which helps us stay organized and gets them what they need promptly.

  • image - 389

    JotForm is an online web and email survey building solution that aims to undercut Typeform while being even easier to use. A coding-free solution that most marketing people should be able to master quickly and generate the leads or feedback that they need.

  • image - 390

    For my company, changing the way we use communication channels is something we’ve had to consider compared to how we did things back in March. While having unstructured time to constantly ping people may have worked for us in the beginning as more of us adjusted to working from home, we soon discovered that it also hindered our productivity.

  • image - 391

    The Solutions Partner Program helps agencies and consultants build new streams of recurring revenue, increase growth, and expand their clients’ businesses. Organizations already in the program include Mindful Web Solutions, Glenridge Technology Solutions, Bloominari, WEO Media and Solutions for Growth.

  • image - 392

    Learning how to increase your attention span requires great effort at first, especially since you’re already struggling to pay attention in the first place. However, with the right mindset and discipline, and by following these 7 steps, you will improve and eventually master your focus and increase your attention span.

  • image - 393

    JotForm Zoom Scheduler is a free Zoom Scheduler app that provides the additional advantage of JotForm to schedule times and registers new invitees during webinars, online meetings, and conferences. It lets you seamlessly schedule Zoom meetings with clients.

  • image - 394

    It is a well-known fact that adding data of every single JotForm form one by one in Google Sheets like name, email, address, etc can be a hectic task. Thus, to save you from a lot of redundant work, we started looking out for software that can easily integrate JotForm with Google Sheets.

  • image - 395

    Make the most of Black Friday this year by starting your sale early. Even beginning your sale 1-2 weeks in advance will give your customers more time to purchase from you, which will increase your sales overall.

  • image - 396

    At JotForm, we constantly question our motivation and how we can better connect our technology to our customers. We never stop experimenting.

  • image - 397

    The simplest way to collect patient information – such as consent forms, medical records, signatures, and online payments – is through a HIPAA-compliant form software, like JotForm.

  • image - 398

    JotForm's Solutions Partner Program provides agencies and consultants with a complete data-collection solution, along with JotForm training and sales collateral, that they can share with their clients.

  • image - 399

    According to GoToWebinar, 75% of all webinars are created by SaaS brands. The same data cites that three-fourths of B2B and sales leaders say that webinars are the best method to generate high-quality leads. JotForm PDF Editor uses a webinar that is hosted on their website for their product demo.

  • image - 400

    JotForm’s integration with Keap enables you to gather important information from your online forms and automatically send it into your sales pipeline by creating new contacts, updating existing contacts, and adding tags that allow you to segment your outreach efforts.