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on the go

Get the power of Jotform Enterprise in the palm of your hand. Collect data for your organization on the go — even offline. Assign forms to team members, manage users, and monitor their activity all from the app.

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Collect Data

Step away from your computer and collect, edit, or manage form submissions on the go! Any data collected offline will automatically sync to your Jotform Enterprise account once you reconnect.

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Work Seamlessly
with Your Team

Make sure every team member can conveniently collect data — no matter where they are. The Jotform Enterprise Mobile app simplifies the login process and allows admins to invite users to the mobile app.

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Receive Push

With instant push notifications, you’ll be updated as soon as each new submission comes in. Customize your app notification settings to receive as many or as few notifications as you like.

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on the Go

Assign tasks to members of your team so they can track them from their smartphones. Customize permission settings to indicate how they can view, manage, and share the responses they collect.

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Turn Your Device

into a Kiosk

Pull up a form and have it refresh automatically after every submission — with no need to do it by hand. Perfect if you’re collecting data from clients in the field at conferences, trade shows, or other events with many attendees.

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Collect Different
Types of Data

Go beyond basic form data. With the Jotform Enterprise Mobile app, you can collect advanced forms of data like e-sign documents, voice recordings, and geolocation information — or use widgets to scan barcodes, draw on images, and complete other tasks.

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Manage Data &
Users with Ease

Collect, track, and manage data directly from the app using Jotform Inbox. Account owners can also use the app to access the Admin Console and monitor the mobile app usage of the organization’s members.

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Analyze Data
at a Glance

Manage multiple users and monitor their activity directly from your Admin Console. Discover how your forms are being used and analyze their data to reveal important insights for your business.

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Get Work Done
Any Device

Members of your team can instantly download the app onto their smartphone or tablet to securely collect data anywhere, anytime.

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